Undergraduate Achievement Award

Nominations for the 2020–2021 Undergraduate Achievement Award are now open. All chapters whose chapter number ends in the digits 5–9 are encouraged to select one student for this $100 Award; selection criteria are left to the discretion of the local chapter but might focus on overall academic excellence, chapter leadership, outstanding public service, or, in the case of a sophomore or early junior inductee, as an encouragement award toward continued excellence.

The Award is not competitive beyond the local level. To name an awardee, chapter moderators should send the student’s name and current mailing address to the Treasurer:

Christopher McMahon, TAK Treasurer
Dept. of Theology
Saint Vincent College
300 Fraser Purchase Rd.
Latrobe, PA 15650


Upon receipt of this information, an Award check will be issued directly to the student. Notice of the selected student must come from the chapter faculty moderator, either via regular mail on signed letterhead or via e-mail from the faculty moderator’s institutional address. No e-mails from private service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc., will be accepted.

The award is available to half the chapters each year. In the academic year 2021–2022, chapters ending in the digits 0–4 will name an awardee; in the next academic year (2022–2023), chapters ending in the digits 5–9 will name an awardee. See the list here to know your chapter’s number.