Inducting Student Members

Chapter Representatives: Please click on the link below to the vendor who handles the data collection on new members and issues the induction certificates: Kenneth E. Jernigan and Associates. All induction certificates must be processed through Jernigan’s website.

Click here for detailed instructions for chapter representatives

A detailed instruction video is available for those unfamiliar with our process.
Click here to watch that video

(Please note that while this video remains informative about the induction ordering process, some aspects of the ordering page on the Jernigan website have changed since it was produced. Also, please note that the induction fee has increased from $25 to $30. This video will be updated as part of a website revision process presently underway.)

New Member Induction Link

Though the procedure described above is the standard and preferred method for ordering inductions certificates, an additional alternate procedure is also available in which authorized students place orders directly with Jernigan and/or certificates are shipped directly to students rather than to the chapter representative. Chapter representatives may request information about this procedure here.