Theta Alpha Kappa Graduate Fellowship Awards

2021 Awards

The Awards and Recognition Committee of Theta Alpha Kappa is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Graduate Fellowship Award. These awards support students in the academic study of religion and theology who are pursuing master’s or PhD-level graduate programs in religious studies and theology. The awards support TAK’s mission: “to encourage, recognize, and maintain excellence” in “academic studies in Religion and Theology.”

The TAK Awards and Recognitions Committee, chaired by Michael Berger, is pleased to announce the selection of Margaret (Maggie) Akinleye and Victoria Hallard as the winners of the 2021 Graduate Fellowship Awards.

Akinleye, our first place honoree, is a 2021 graduate of Wheaton College (Illinois). She is now enrolled in a master’s
program at Princeton Theological Seminary. Hallard received her undergraduate degree in 2021 at the University of the Redlands and is now pursuing a master’s degree at Boston University School of Theology

Applicants must be entering the first year of their graduate program. Applicants must have obtained their undergraduate degree within the past three years from an institution with a TAK chapter in which they were inducted as a member. Students may be awarded the TAK Graduate Fellowship only once.

On behalf of TAK’s board, the Awards and Recognition Committee congratulates the winners and thanks all applicants for their applications. We wish all applicants the best in their graduate studies and hope they will continue to be engaged with Theta Alpha Kappa.

TAK National Board