Chapter Representative Resources

If your chapter is transitioning from one Chapter Representative to another, please complete this brief online form so that Theta Alpha Kappa will be in contact with the correct individual. This will help ensure that the appropriate faculty member is receiving correspondence from Theta Alpha Kappa. 

Chapter Representative Change Form



New Chapter Representative seeking additional orientation? Please contact for additional orientation materials.



 If you are serving as a Chapter Representative, you are eligible for free membership. Simply complete this brief online form. Note: Theta Alpha Kappa only recognizes one faculty Chapter Representative at a time.

Chapter Representative Membership Form



 Please note: each online form or contact is discrete and attending to one does not affect one’s status in another area. Thus, be sure to complete all forms that are applicable to you and your circumstances.


Chapter Payment Form

Please select the payment amount below based on your chapter size and click on the “Buy Now” button to make a payment for your chapter dues.

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